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Archives: June 2013

Going in Circles

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Yesterday on my radio show “Here’s to your Heath with Dr. Burns” I talked with Dr. Allan Hunter.
In his book Gratitude and Beyond he talks about how we go in circles and continue to think about things that aren’t good for us for our energy and bring us down.

Then I started thinking about this with health and with gut issues. If we have anxiety about our gut issues, then it spurs inflammation in the gut and then we get even more anxious about it having the gut issue. We end up in this vicious until we finally had it and start thinking differently.

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Is it Hollywood or Human nature?

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There has been this never ending pursuit for perfection. Due to internet and media outlets and photo editing we can now finally have what we want, to be flawless.  Yet people still aren’t happy. Why is this? You can photo crop as much as we want, but reality is that we are flawed. We are fighting against the thing that makes us who we are that gives us our personality.

We make ourselves stressed out because we are not perfect.  We don’t embrace that which makes us different from everyone else.  I use to fight my flaws so hard that I was making things worse instead of better. I wasn’t centered, I was creating chaos and I was miserable.  I was doing the total opposite of what I should’ve been doing…..

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Lesson I learned from a cockroach.

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This morning I am walking my dog and see this dead cockroach being eaten by a group of ants. It is going to take a while for these ants to pull that cockroach apart.

I looked at the cockroach as obstacles or weaknesses we have in our lives.  How many times do we let the cockroach win?  How many times do we fall back to old habits instead of being patient with ourselves when we start to change?

The ants are like the changes we make in our lives just chipping away at the old habits and making way for the new ones. It takes time to replace one thing with another.  Just like it takes time for ants to pull apart a cockroach.

I think it’s time we all start looking at our successes no matter how small they may be.