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How to stay calm at 2 am.

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This last week my child has decided to be up at 2 am. I have no idea why. As I go into her room to see what is going on I am greeted with a smile and someone trying to get ready for the day. I let my child know that it’s 2 am and that they can go back to bed for a few more hours since we have to be out the door by 7:30 am for school.
I tuck my child into bed and I hope to get a few hours of sleep.

What is the first thing to do when being woken up in the middle of the night? To listen to your child. They are just as human as you are. They may be scared or may be feeling sick. Try to listen instead of yell.

2. Remember it’s not about you. Don’t take it personally if you get woken up. It is about them and they need help.

3. Remember how much you love your child. In the middle of the night can be some of the best bonding experiences.

4. Your child is counting on you to be there for them. You can let them know that you are tired. I find that having a pretend sleep over helps get my child back to sleep quicker. I’m ok sleeping on the floor.

5. We were all kids once. Having kids reminds me of how fun life can be.

6. Life is suppose to be fun. Kids remind us of that everyday.

My hormone balancing story.

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A few months a go I started to notice that I wasn’t maintaining my weight. I was steadily gaining weight. I was always tired. I at a clean diet. I was wondering what was going on. I decided to get some blood work done and see what is going on. I found that I am deficient in a couple of hormones. I tried balancing my hormones before, but with some very serious flare ups with my IBS. This time I decided to do it one hormone at a time.
First thing I did was add in thyroid since my thyroid function is low. That did ok for a couple of weeks. I lost 2% body fat, but then the body fat went back up to where it was before. I added in some DHEA and now I will see how this works. Being just on thyroid I noticed that my hair is better and energy levels were better too.
Still I wasn’t seeing the weight come down. I’m still having to be on 2000 mg of Magnesium everyday.
I will see what happens with the DHEA in the next few weeks and retest my hormones.
Stay tuned….

Dr. Burns on The Morning Scramble AZTV 7

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We had fun this morning being on the Morning Scramble with Pat and Lisa. We have been invited to come back on to the show. morning show 1

morning show 2