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How to obtain a Medical Marijuana Card.

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I had a few people ask me how to obtain a medical marijuana card. Because of the new rules that were enacted on July 3rd of this year there was a slight change in how people can obtain their mmj card.

There are certain medical conditions that qualify for medial marijuana. They are…..

HIV, Cancer, Hep C, ALS, Glaucoma, Crohn’s Dz, Alzheimer’s, PTSD, AIDS, Wasting Syndrome, Chronic Pain, Severe Nausea, Seizures/Epilepsy, Severe and persistent muscle spasms like MS

How to obtain a card?

  1. Bring in your current medical records from the past year. If we don’t have them then we can’t do the certification.
  2. Meet with a doctor that issues mmj certifications.  They will go through a physical exam and also take a look at the current doctors notes that you bring to the office.
  3. Once you have your mmj certification from the doctor then there is the application that is sent to the health department for you to get your card.  It will come in the mail.

What costs are involved?

There is a fee to see the doctor for you to get your certification it can range from $45-$150

Then there is the application fee to the health department that is $150 unless you are on food stamps then the fee goes down to $75.  This must be paid by Visa or MasterCard.  The health department does not take cash or checks.

It’s that simple.  Just make sure to bring your medical records with you. 🙂



Joke of the Day

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Yesterday I emailed a friend to see if they could look at some papers for me. Here is the summary of the emails.
Me: I need you to look at these papers for me.
Friend: I can look at them Friday since I am underwater.
Me: I didn’t know you could send out emails underwater. Awesome.
Friend: Funny 🙂

Find humor wherever you go!!!

MMJ Conference

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There is a MMJ conference coming up for anyone who wants to meet the speakers to learning about the basics for MMJ.
Dates are October 27-28. The website will have more details for you. swccexpo.com. It’s not to late to sign up.