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What I learned from a Scorpion Sting.

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Two weeks ago I got stung by a scorpion. As the neurotoxin was starting it’s way through my body I felt some interesting side effects from this neurotoxin like headaches, joint pain, and the burning sensation that goes along with it. By the next day I was fine, but it taught me a good lesson.

In life there are random things that happen to us that are bad. It is nothing that we chose. It was just something that happened. I have two choices. I can either whine and complain all day about how I feel or I can change how I see the situation. I decided to make it a learning experience. I got to see first hand that there can be chaos all around me and I can either add to the chaos or decide not to participate in it.

I think sometimes we are scared of our own empowerment and decide to not have it. Because we might have been taught that empowering self is bad. It will show that we are aggressive not assertive. There is a difference with it.
We need to embrace that we have power to control self. We have power to make our own choices. We have power to feel happy. We don’t have to suffer. It’s ok to see a therapist for help. It’s ok to change yourself for the better. It’s ok not to be stuck in a defeating loop.

Remember that you are whole and complete.

Finding Gratitude Helps with Medical Health.

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I have a history like most of us do that when things go wrong I start the blame game. I start with the.. why does everything happen to me routine, along with… so n’so never has this type of thing happen to them.
We all get in a cycle of being bitter, jealous, anger, resentment, anxiety, depression, and etc.
You name it we have the emotion for it. Then in a fit of emotional energy we try to make decision that aren’t exactly healthy for us at that moment and we say things that we probably don’t really mean to say, but are in our heart at that moment because we feel so down trodden. Then even more mistakes are made.

How can we get out of this cycle? It took me 6 years to work on myself to figure this out. I needed to be strong enough to have gratitude. I needed gratitude that I am a live. I needed gratitude to realize that everybody goes through hard times; they may not announce it to the world. I needed gratitude that I am a person and as a person I would go through hard times. I needed to look at things differently and see a positive in my negative.

Right now I have a few fires that need to be put out, but I am learning that by seeing what I am supposed to learn from it that people are coming to help me out that even though some days may be slow with my business it’s because I’m supposed to be concentrating on other things. To find the balance I need for the day. Gratitude I noticed is everything.

When you have gratitude it helps with mental clarity, it will help to lessen your medical condition, it helps people to move forward with life. It helps put things into perspective, and it helps people to gain courage to do what they know they need to do.

My workout

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Like everyone else on earth we all need someone to hold us accountable for what we are striving to change.
Once a week I meet with a personal trainer, but I also do stuff during the week. I promised I would be totally honest with myself. Here are a few pictures of me doing one of my workouts. Just as soon as I figure out how to upload my pictures I will.

Sluggish Liver

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I was told when I was young that I had a sluggish liver. At first I had no idea what that meant until I went to medical school and studied up on how the liver helps with detoxification and the different phases of detoxification.
What is sluggish liver? This is when the liver is slow at detoxification. It doesn’t mean that your liver enzymes are high. It just means that your liver is running a little slower then normal and doesn’t push out toxins or other substances out of the body as fast as what it should be doing. Sometimes the liver needs help.
What does the liver really do? The liver helps to regulate estrogen production, it helps with the process of your body creating vitamin D, it helps to processes fats that we eat, it helps to take medication, toxins and substances out of the body so that way we don’t build up toxic loads of medications, supplements, and substances that would kill us. It is the only organ that can regenerate it’s self.

How to tell if your liver is running a little slow?
Some symptoms might be:
skin rash
acne during pms
cramps during your period
heavy menstrual flow
waking up between 2-4am
and others

What can a person do about a sluggish liver? Herbs like milkthisle, dandelion, and burdock help the liver to work better. Drinking a lot of water and reducing alcohol consumption. Quit Smoking. Limit the fatty meals. All of this can add up in helping your liver to work better. liver02

Reviewing End of Year

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As the year comes to a close people make plans for the next year while reflecting on how this year has gone. Questions that usually come up are.. What do I want to improve personally, professionally, emotionally, spiritually? Did I spend enough time with my family or do I want to spend more time with my family? Are you going to save money for that trip you always wanted to take? Is this the year that you will finally lose weight?
As the future is what we make of it may we remember to slow down and enjoy the little things in life. To be in the moment. Long term goals are great, they help to get people where they need to go. Sometimes we get lost in the goal and forget to see what is around us and what the present day is bringing to us and for us.
Please remember to slow down and feel the blessings of where you are now in the moment. To be grateful for that moment.

Merry Christmas!!

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Spilt abs or subcutaneous fat

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Like most people pretty soon you will be thinking about getting back into the gym after the holidays to start losing weight and working off what you ate for Thanksgiving and Christmas. During the year did you still have a belly and thought that it us just superficial fat. Well you might have split abdominal muscles.
What are split abdominal muscles and how so you get them and how can you find out if you have it?
When I started in the medspa business one of the things that was started was fat reduction or liposuction that was done by plastic surgeons. Two of my patients had split abdominal muscles not fat in the abdominal area.
Every person has 3 layers of abdominal muscles. What can happen if there has been rapid weight gain or multiple pregnancies or even a C-section is that your top abdominal muscle called the rectus abdominus can split. When this splits it can push your intestines forward making appear that you have a lot of subcutaneous fat. Then you go to the gym and the trainer tells you to do a bunch of sit ups and you feel that it’s not getting any better. That is because sit ups can make your split abdominal muscles worse. Sit up make it tear even more making look even more distended in the abdominal area.

How do you know if you have split abdominal muscles or not? One thing to do is check with your doctor. They know of a simple test that is performed in the office to see if you have split abdominal muscles. If you truly have split abdominal muscles there are a couple of things that you can do. 1. Get surgery to bring your abdominal muscles back together. 2. Stop doing sit ups and you can do planks and crunches instead. By doing planks you will be toning up the transfer muscles under your rectus abdominus which will help to tight up the upper portions of your abdominal muscles.

In my next blog I will talk about what exercises to use more in-depth to help you tighten up that those split abdominal muscles. diastasis recti

Support our troops for the holidays.

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When my brother was deployed he told me that some of the people in his group would hardly get a package or a letter from home. This made me sad. My family would send extra stuff in my brothers boxes that he could share with his group. Yesterday we sent out 29 pounds of candy to help support our troops.
This holiday season let’s send them some letters to so that way they feel that the sacrifices they are making are worth it. Not only are they missing out on family during the holidays, but they are still helping to keep this nation free. I don’t always agree with their commander in chief, but I will always support our troops.

Let’s help them since they help us.

We are adding in a Weight Management Program

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In January we will be kicking off our weight management program. Is there a difference between weight loss and weight management? You bet!!! Weight loss is something that is a quick fix for those that only need to lose a little bit of weight. You will see supplement companies and medical clinics advertising packages for 8-12 weeks to help you reduce those last 10-20 lbs that a typical person is needing. Some of the time once people are off those programs they go back to their eating habits and gain the weight back.
Weight management is different. There are no set programs with this approach. This is getting in depth with each person and finding out how they deal with food on a physical, spiritual, and emotional level. We spend time educating each person about their life style and helping them through the process to make life time changes for them that will actually stick. We look at hormones, food allergies, inflammation, medical conditions and prescriptions along with food choices that are being made and food combinations. How to really see a weakness and turning it into a strength. We will have personal trainers who can sit down and go through workout routines, we have a nutritionist who helps with food balancing, a therapist to help with the emotional aspect of how you deal with food, and a doctor who will evaluate your hormones to help facility weight loss.

We are so excited to be offering this program for everyone. Stay tuned.

Never Give Up

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never give up