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Immigration Health Issues

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I was looking online and I saw a taped interview with a local doctor stating that the only thing we have to worry about, health wise, is normal bacteria, viruses and scabies. I say that doctor is wrong.  I use to work with refugees coming into Arizona.  They got a full health check for Hepatitis, Tuberculosis, Parasites, HIV, Mumps, Measles, etc… from the county health clinic. Once they checked out they would get the proper medication and/or shots and then they would see a primary care who would then refer them out to the specialist they needed. Many of the refugees were getting some vaccinations before they came to the US.  A lot of these illegals are not getting the proper health checks that are needed.    Since we don’t know if any of them received any proper medical treatment before coming to the US how are we suppose to know what all we could be facing with undetected diseases.  I agree with Dr. Manny from Fox News. ” It is not for me to say what our immigration policy in America should be. But as a doctor, I do have the right to say that a major health catastrophe could be looming if we don’t address these immigration health issues at our border towns now.”  Better health screening needs to be done.