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Testosterone Replacement Therapy

Testosterone is a hormone that is naturally made by the body. Men have higher amounts of testosterone then woman do, so we generally hear about testosterone in regards to men’s health. As we age, the ability to make testosterone goes down for both men and women. Stress, certain medications and medical conditions can also contribute to the loss of testosterone.

In men, signs of low testosterone include:

In women, signs of low testosterone include:

At The Bienetre Center, we use bio identical hormones for Testosterone Replacement Therapy. The goal of Testosterone Replacement Therapy is to bring your testosterone levels back to a normal, healthy range, decreasing the symptoms you are experiencing and allowing you to experience life in a way that maybe you haven’t been able to for years.


Benefits of Testosterone Replacement Therapy

There are many benefits of Testosterone Replacement Therapy. For men, those benefits include:

For women, benefits of Testosterone Replacement Therapy include:


Schedule a Testosterone Replacement Therapy Consultation

If you are experiencing the symptoms of low testosterone, schedule a consultation with Dr. Jennifer Burns at The Bienetre Center. Dr. Burns will be able to answer all your questions regarding the therapy and determine if you are a candidate for treatment. Restore your hormone levels to their natural and youthful state with Testosterone Replacement Therapy.