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My hormone balancing story.

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A few months a go I started to notice that I wasn’t maintaining my weight. I was steadily gaining weight. I was always tired. I at a clean diet. I was wondering what was going on. I decided to get some blood work done and see what is going on. I found that I am deficient in a couple of hormones. I tried balancing my hormones before, but with some very serious flare ups with my IBS. This time I decided to do it one hormone at a time.
First thing I did was add in thyroid since my thyroid function is low. That did ok for a couple of weeks. I lost 2% body fat, but then the body fat went back up to where it was before. I added in some DHEA and now I will see how this works. Being just on thyroid I noticed that my hair is better and energy levels were better too.
Still I wasn’t seeing the weight come down. I’m still having to be on 2000 mg of Magnesium everyday.
I will see what happens with the DHEA in the next few weeks and retest my hormones.
Stay tuned….