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Reviewing End of Year

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As the year comes to a close people make plans for the next year while reflecting on how this year has gone. Questions that usually come up are.. What do I want to improve personally, professionally, emotionally, spiritually? Did I spend enough time with my family or do I want to spend more time with my family? Are you going to save money for that trip you always wanted to take? Is this the year that you will finally lose weight?
As the future is what we make of it may we remember to slow down and enjoy the little things in life. To be in the moment. Long term goals are great, they help to get people where they need to go. Sometimes we get lost in the goal and forget to see what is around us and what the present day is bringing to us and for us.
Please remember to slow down and feel the blessings of where you are now in the moment. To be grateful for that moment.