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Sluggish Liver

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I was told when I was young that I had a sluggish liver. At first I had no idea what that meant until I went to medical school and studied up on how the liver helps with detoxification and the different phases of detoxification.
What is sluggish liver? This is when the liver is slow at detoxification. It doesn’t mean that your liver enzymes are high. It just means that your liver is running a little slower then normal and doesn’t push out toxins or other substances out of the body as fast as what it should be doing. Sometimes the liver needs help.
What does the liver really do? The liver helps to regulate estrogen production, it helps with the process of your body creating vitamin D, it helps to processes fats that we eat, it helps to take medication, toxins and substances out of the body so that way we don’t build up toxic loads of medications, supplements, and substances that would kill us. It is the only organ that can regenerate it’s self.

How to tell if your liver is running a little slow?
Some symptoms might be:
skin rash
acne during pms
cramps during your period
heavy menstrual flow
waking up between 2-4am
and others

What can a person do about a sluggish liver? Herbs like milkthisle, dandelion, and burdock help the liver to work better. Drinking a lot of water and reducing alcohol consumption. Quit Smoking. Limit the fatty meals. All of this can add up in helping your liver to work better. liver02