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We are adding in a Weight Management Program

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In January we will be kicking off our weight management program. Is there a difference between weight loss and weight management? You bet!!! Weight loss is something that is a quick fix for those that only need to lose a little bit of weight. You will see supplement companies and medical clinics advertising packages for 8-12 weeks to help you reduce those last 10-20 lbs that a typical person is needing. Some of the time once people are off those programs they go back to their eating habits and gain the weight back.
Weight management is different. There are no set programs with this approach. This is getting in depth with each person and finding out how they deal with food on a physical, spiritual, and emotional level. We spend time educating each person about their life style and helping them through the process to make life time changes for them that will actually stick. We look at hormones, food allergies, inflammation, medical conditions and prescriptions along with food choices that are being made and food combinations. How to really see a weakness and turning it into a strength. We will have personal trainers who can sit down and go through workout routines, we have a nutritionist who helps with food balancing, a therapist to help with the emotional aspect of how you deal with food, and a doctor who will evaluate your hormones to help facility weight loss.

We are so excited to be offering this program for everyone. Stay tuned.